60 Seconds in Uncharted Territory

I conceived of the Uncharted Territory shows as a simple idea – in 2017, I’d perform in the last 5 states in America I’d never played.

I spent the summer traveling with purpose, to the corners of America that had eluded me so far. I ferried the fjords of Alaska, drove the plains of North Dakota, hiked the mountains of Wyoming, selfied the falls of South Dakota and surfed the waves of Hawaii (for like an hour, with a guide holding my board the whole time). I am always surprised with how much of America can look and feel exactly the same, but I’m even more amazed with how radically different places can feel, both geographically and culturally, and still be wholly American.

Thank you to my band, The Believers – Elliott Blaufuss, Ian Allison and Bryan Taylor who let me drag them to the ends of the free world. We’re having so much fun together on stage and off, and I think it shows. Thank you to Kaitlin Gladney who documented every trip and show with three cameras and one wicked smile.

A massive thank you to all of you who came to see an Uncharted Territory show! Besides the amazing locals of each state who came out and showed so much love and enthusiasm, I talked to people who flew from Pennsylvania to Wyoming, Virginia to Anchorage and England to Honolulu, just to be a part of the experience. To look out at the crowd in Fargo, ND and see familiar faces from Illinois and Iowa, was truly inspiring and meant more to me than I can say.

Finally, Thank you to Jen Buckmaster and everyone at Microsoft who heard my vision for these shows, and made it a reality by providing financial and motivational support. Microsoft Rewards members got to fly all over the country to come check out Eric Hutchinson & The Believers and see someplace outside their normal world. When a woman named Susan wrote from Las Vegas to say she’d been dealing with glioblastoma brain cancer and wondered if there was a way to attend my show in Hawaii, Microsoft said yes, booked her trip, picked up the tab and flew Susan and her friend to Honolulu. Those were the sort of magical things I was envisioning when I first thought of the Uncharted Territory shows. 

In closing, to be American is to be able to sample from the great buffet of life, with unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this amazing country we all have access to, and to explore the towns, metropolises, national parks, coastal highways, and people that make the USA something remarkable.

On to the next one…

– Eric


Uncharted Territory

Finally back home and reflecting on a truly amazing summer visiting the last parts of America I’ve never seen. It was an interesting year to be traveling the country, and that was certainly on my mind during my exploration.

I’m struck by how much of the country looks exactly the same: the strip malls, the county roads, the graphic tshirts, and I’m wowed by how some spots are completely and totally one of a kind: deserts, mountains, beaches. I believe it’s this mix of uniformity and exoticism that makes America truly unique.

This summer I got to celebrate all the similarities and differences that make us all Americans and make this country special. Feeling proud of who we are and grateful I got to be reminded that we are all people looking for the same things in life: health, happiness and better cell phones. Be excellent to each other. Thanks to everyone who traveled to come see a show in a new place! One more video is on the way…

Bonus Photo Gallery! #prismcam

The third night at Blue Note Hawaii we decided to have some fun with what I like to call #prismcam. Hope you enjoy! Click on a photo to open the gallery.

Photos by Kaitlin Gladney // Parallax Creative