My Alaska Journey in Photos

I got to travel Alaska with my family for ten days before my Uncharted Territory show. We started out in Anchorage, went as far north as Mt. Denali National Park, and went south to Homer and Seward. It’s amazing that after ten full days of travel I still only saw a small portion of the state, but the parts I did see were beautiful. Thank you Alaska for the adventure!

I can’t wait for the next Uncharted Territory shows, and they’re coming up quick! Who’s coming? I’ll see you in:

Fargo, ND – Aug 18 @ Sanctuary Events Center
Sioux Falls, SD – Aug 19 @ Icon Lounge
Honolulu, HI – Aug 31, Sept 1, Sept 2 @ Blue Note
Laramie, WY – Sept 23 @ Gryphon Theatre

(Click on the photos to enlarge and scroll through.)



2 thoughts on “My Alaska Journey in Photos

  1. Eric,

    if you get back here, and I hope you do,

    You are welcome onboard the Apache II,

    Sights are amazing, always,

    don’t mind the weather, it can’t stop us,

    it will change within hours anyway.

    SO enjoyed your show, the band tight,

    life it way too short, take it all in.

    following your posts.




  2. Eric,

    Just came in,

    2018 Alaska Calendars, my pictures.

    what one?

    Your on the list, let me know.

    Where to send it?

    Happy Holidays,

    Glad to know, you’ve now played in all of the States.

    You can find me on Linkedin.



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