Anchorage M&Gs

Since I spent 10 days in Alaska, I’m a rugged sourdough now. It was great to play some songs for and meet some fellow sourdoughs at the Microsoft Rewards Members VIP M&G in Anchorage! (You cheechakos in the lower 48 wouldn’t understand.)

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4 thoughts on “Anchorage M&Gs

  1. Thank you Eric, that Great Band and the entire Microsoft Team. So personable, So much FUN !
    A GREAT SHOW ! If you ever get back here, let me know, I can show you Prince William Sound, God’s gift and Amazing Always, and only an hour outside of Anchorage. Hope you had time to explore Anchorage as well. I’ll be following your tour. You’ll never find any state like this, twice as big as Texas, more coast line than the entire lower 48. most north, most east? most west, I’ll never see all of it, neither will I. You’ve seen one of the first most Beautiful drives in the entire world. Anchorage alone has so much to offer, you’d never see this state in 10 days, You’ll never forget what you’ve seen here. The crowd you had, know we are starved for Professional entertainment, and yours went well beyond that.


  2. Funny how the universe has a plan. I am a music junky, a traveler, wanderer, adventurer a blogger, due to personal reasons is having to make life changes.
    It’s 4.30am, feeling despondent I log on to blog and up pops a Microsoft notification and come across you….travel…interesting, click on your video…oh, you’re a musician….tap on Spotify…there you are….play the first song…..Dear Me. Holy Cow!!!!! Talk about Devine intervention….not only do I like your voice, the message in your songs, your love of travel and challenging your comfort zone. I hit the follow button immediately. I’m going to be checking out your tour dates, hope to see you soon. I’m on American Princess right now and of course have already shared with my entire family, friends and some not so friends….who cares, everyone should know about you.


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