My Alaska Journey in Photos

I got to travel Alaska with my family for ten days before my Uncharted Territory show. We started out in Anchorage, went as far north as Mt. Denali National Park, and went south to Homer and Seward. It’s amazing that after ten full days of travel I still only saw a small portion of the state, but the parts I did see were beautiful. Thank you Alaska for the adventure!

I can’t wait for the next Uncharted Territory shows, and they’re coming up quick! Who’s coming? I’ll see you in:

Fargo, ND – Aug 18 @ Sanctuary Events Center
Sioux Falls, SD – Aug 19 @ Icon Lounge
Honolulu, HI – Aug 31, Sept 1, Sept 2 @ Blue Note
Laramie, WY – Sept 23 @ Gryphon Theatre

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60 Second Show Day – Anchorage


Over the last 10 years, my band and I have played all over the world. One day it dawned on me that I still hadn’t seen all 50 states, so I made it my mission for 2017 to fix that. I teamed up with Microsoft​ and booked what we named our Uncharted Territory shows. We just had our first show, in Anchorage, Alaska, and I can’t wait for the rest. Up next:

Aug 18 – Fargo, ND @ Sanctuary Events Center
Aug 19 – Sioux Falls, SD @ Icon Lounge
Aug 31 – Honolulu, HI @ Blue Note Hawaii
Sept 1 – Honolulu, HI @ Blue Note Hawaii
Sept 2 – Honolulu, HI @ Blue Note Hawaii
Sept 23 – Laramie, WY @ Gryphon Theatre

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Anchorage – Behind the Scenes

Photos of the Believers and I soundchecking and getting ready for the show at Williwaw Social in Anchorage, AK! Click on one of the photos to open up the gallery. (Make sure you’ve checked out the gallery of our show photos, too!)

Photos by Parallax Creative

Williwaw // Anchorage, AK // June 3

Here are some photos from the first Uncharted Territory show! Click on one of the photos to open up the gallery.



Photos by Parallax Creative

Anchorage M&Gs

Since I spent 10 days in Alaska, I’m a rugged sourdough now. It was great to play some songs for and meet some fellow sourdoughs at the Microsoft Rewards Members VIP M&G in Anchorage! (You cheechakos in the lower 48 wouldn’t understand.)

Click an image to open the gallery:


Thanks to the folks at Microsoft for all your hard work helping make the Uncharted Territory shows a reality. It was great to have you at the Anchorage show, and your 90s nostalgia experience area was so fun. On to the next!

P.S. Lots of photos and videos from my time exploring Alaska and the show coming very soon 🙂

Eric Hutchinson Microsoft_Anchorage-1.jpg


Packing for Alaska

I’m in Alaska now, but it’s my first time visiting, so I wasn’t totally sure what to pack…so here’s a behind the scenes glimpse of me trying to figure out what to bring:


Suits, of course…have to look sharp for morning TV and the show!


Trying to decide what things to bring….


Mission accomplished!















Welcome to my travel journal!

Eric here. Welcome to my travel journal! This is where I’ll be documenting my quest to play in all 50 states – I’ve only got five left, and I’ll be performing in all five this summer. Watch the video below to hear more about my journey into Uncharted Territory, and make sure you subscribe in the box to the right to receive an email notification each time I post a new entry in my journal. Lots more coming soon!